Valle Delle Ferriere Hike and Cheese Factory Tour

Benvenuti ad Amalfi

This Valle Delle Ferriere hiking tour will provide you the opportunity to explore hidden gems of the Amalfi Coast. This five hour hike and cheese tour offers six kilometers of easy woodland trail as well as some city exploring for a maximum of six people.


This Amalfi coast tour not only highlights some incredible hikes through the lush forest valley, but you will also get to visit the Amalfi’s town centre and tour a local cheese farm in Tramonti. 


We will meet you at 8am with a pick up at your hotel, from there we will take care of the rest as we embark on an exciting few hours together. All transfers from the hikes and the cheese farm, the farm tour and tastings in Tramonti will be included in the tour.


The Valle Delle Ferriere of Amalfi

This coastal valley is one of the lesser known and most beautiful trails in Amalfi. The trail starts in the town of Pontone and descends down to the town of Amalfi. As you hike this trail, you will be stunned by the impressive view through the valley, over the town of Amalfi all the way to the sea.

A Trail Rich With History

Amalfi was once a large producer of iron during the industrial revolution. Fun fact: Valle Delle Ferriere translates to “valley of the ironworks.” The valley was once home to iron factories to keep up with demand. Now these old brick buildings that provided so much abundance for the town are vine covered ruins. As you hike down the trail, take a moment to explore the remaining frameworks of these old factory ghosts. 


As we continue down the trail, we will pass through the beautiful Canneto stream. At one time this stream was harnessed for its power to operate the ancient paper mills of Amalfi. Handmade paper has become such an essential piece of Amalfi’s rich history. 


Alluring Landscapes

The Valle Delle Ferriere trail is also rich with a lush landscape full of greenery, waterfalls, wildlife, and creeks along the trail. Pause and take a moment to enjoy the serenity of this gorgeous backdrop. This trail is home to decadent giant ferns and many unique types of flora and fauna. You may even encounter some spotted salamanders as you explore.


Piazza del Duomo, Amalfi’s City Centre

The trail leaves us in the beautiful coastal town of Amalfi. While we are here, take some time to head to the heart of Amalfi to grab an espresso or a cappuccino and gaze upon the Duomo di Amalfi. Dedicated to the Apostle St Andrew, this medieval Roman Catholic cathedral showcases stunning patterned green and yellow tiles that enchant the column of the duomo and compliment the stunning black and white archways of the cathedral. This is the perfect place to enjoy after a wonderfully enriching hike in the Valle Delle Ferriere


What everyone has been waiting for….Italian cheese

After we spend some time in Amalfi together, we will head off to the town of Tramonti for a tantalizing Italian cheese tour. While Tramonti may just be a short drive from the grand resorts of the Amalfi coast, the coastal mountain town is the perfect escape from city life.

Enjoy the sights of the rural farmlands and coastal vineyards. This town, famous for its mozzarella and contribution to the creation of pizza, is lesser-known to the general public and will give you an authentic feel of local life on the Amalfi coast. You will have a private tour of a local farm and have the chance to taste the farm’s finest offerings. 

Contact us today to book this Valle Delle Ferriere tour and enjoy Amalfi coast off the beaten path!

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