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Refined luxury

Tailor-made holidays and exclusive experiences

Happiness is the absence of striving for happiness! Driven by this ancient philosophy, Celeste offers effortless holidays.  Forget about rushing from one place to another, traveling is more about immersive experiences…. 

In Celeste, we design tailor-made tours catered for both English and Chinese speaking visitors. Despite showing our customers the spectacular views that are gifted by nature, Celeste is also dedicated to promote traditions, culinary art, music and the history of our selected destinations. Once you have travelled, the voyage never ends. Celeste  will open a world of wonders and create magical memories that will stay with you far beyond your travels.

luxury holidays in capri and beyond

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single click. Our expert holiday makers are there to ensure you have the most perfect getaway, exactly as you want it

Celeste carefully selects the best providers in each destination. We design comfortable, exclusive, and refined experiences.

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Luxury holiday capri
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pompeii holidays

Capri: Villa Jovis and Vila Lysis

Starting from € 500

Amalfi hike in valle delle Ferriere

Starting from € 750

Exclusive Luxury Capri Shopping Experience

Starting from € 800

Hike Mount Vesuvius and Tour Pompeii or Herculaneum

Starting from € 1000

Anacapri Tour: Villa San Michele, Monte Solaro, and More!

Starting from € 500

Hiking Capri: Arco Naturale, Casa Malaparte, and Punta Tragara

Starting from € 500

Scenic flight over the Amalfi coast: Best view of Napoli bay.

Starting from € 2000

A perfect day in Sorrento: cooking class, limoncello tasting, and walking tour

Starting from € 450

The scents of Amalfi coasts: lemon trees and wine tour in the ancient vineyards of Tramonti

Starting from € 700

Amalfi Coast off the beaten tracks

Starting from € 950

The wonders of Caserta: The royal Palace and San Leucio silk Factory

Starting from € 1200

Tour of Pompeii and Pasta tasting from the Amalfi Coast

Starting from € 750

Stunning Amalfi Coast: Positano, Amalfi and Ravello Private Tour

Starting from € 900

Acrobatic Flight: Unforgettable Adventure over Amalfi Coast.

Starting from € 600

Kings & Lazzaroni: Capodimonte & Sanita

Starting from € 1000

Naples Archaeological Museum, Pompeii, and Herculaneum

Starting from € 1000

A postcard from Napoli

Starting from € 800

Pompeii at Sunset

Starting from € 500

Herculaneum at Sunset

Starting from € 500

Napoli: Baroque and Traditions

Starting from € 1000

The Archaeological Museum of Napoli

Starting from € 400

Royal Napoli

Starting from € 500

Capri: an introduction to the heaven

Starting from € 500

Heli tour over Amalfi coast plus wine tasting and lunch in stunning Vineyard cliffs

Starting from € 4500

Drive in Amalfi coast plus wine tasting and lunch in stunning Vineyard cliffs

Starting from € 750

Boat tour, wine, and lunch in Amalfi coast from Capri

Starting from € 2400






Pompeii & The Vesuvius

Paestum & Cilento



The dream of Amalfi coast. 7-days luxury in Amalfi, Positano, Capri, Sorrento.

Starting from € 2000

Sailing around Ischia, Capri and Amalfi coast

Starting from € 1300

Matera Tour like James Bond

Starting from € 3000


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