The Grand Tour

Sailing and Archaeology around Pompeii following the steps of the 18th century travellers

In the 18th Century, the Grand Tour was obligatory for a young nobleman’s artistic, intellectual and sentimental education

The Bay of Napoli, enriched with great historical heritage, was undoubtedly on the checklist. 

The British noblemen were attracted by the marvellous Roman remains, the Baroque churches, the folklore and the world-renowned music and art colleges. 

At Celeste we want to recreate the educational experience of the Grand Tour for the young people of our times.

With the assistance of Academics from some of the best Universities of Europe, local experts and professional sailors we have designed our premium educational tour for small groups.

This is the first tour of the area of Pompeii that combines sailing classes with archaeology and humanities, in the name of refinement, fun and comfort.

A learning experience for young people of our times

Our Program

Day 1: Welcome to Sorrento
Welcome party! Start tasting the heavenly food of the region and meet your tutor.
Day 2: Underwater Baiae
Board on your modern, comfortable sailing yacht and meet the crew. Dive into the depth of the sea in search for ancient mosaics and sculpture in the underwater villa of Emperor Claudius
Day 3: Ischia & Procida
Sail around the two volcanic island of Ischia and Procida. learn the skills of a perfect sailor and enjoy a day of relaxation at sea
Day 4: Capri
Discover the retreat island of Emperor Tiberius, the second emperor of Rome. Enter in the Blue Grotto, a natural wonder and once a private pool for the emperor. Visit Villa San Michele, built by the Swedish doctor and Antiques collector Axel Munthe on the remains of one of the 12 imperial villas of Capri.
Day 5: Amalfi
Visit the Cathedral of Saint Andrew, a gem of Byzantine-Arab-Norman Art. Learn about the mediaeval civilization of the Sea Republics and their connections with the Byzantine World
Day 6: Paestum
Explore the magnificent Greek temples of Hera, Poseidon, and Athena and discover how Greek and Roman cultures coexisted and eventually merged. Sail and swim along the sandy beaches of Cilento
Day 7: Herculaneum
Say goodbye to your crew as the sailing part of your journey ends Visit the ancient City of Herculaneum, the best-preserved archaeological site of the area.
Day 8: Pompeii inside out
Spend the morning in the National Museum of Napoli and awe at the incredible mosaics and paintings from Pompeii and Herculaneum. Visit the ancient city of Pompeii and discover how common roman people lived at the time of the Flavii.
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Final night: Roman Banquet
Enjoy our roman banquet prepared by our friends food historians at ArkeoGustus!
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Contact us and get a quote for your own private Grand Tour! Starting from 4000€ per person

Our academic mentors!

Susannah Ashton, Ph.D.

Susie Ashton, group leader
A journey through time

Susannah will transport you back through history, ancient literature and myth.

Together you will rediscover the stories buried within these ruins – of power and betrayals in the Roman empire, the poetry inspired by doomed romances, as well as thrilling encounters between humans and the gods. 

As intrepid travellers exploring these ruins for the first time, Susannah will be your guide through a fun and interactive exploration of the past. In addition to a premium education from our expert tutor, 

this tour will create space for your own imagination and creativity to thrive, leaving you with lasting memories from this historical adventure.

Ralph Moore, Ph.D.

ralhp | Celeste Tours | The Grand Tour
Power, status & culture

We will walk in the footsteps of the ancients and our 18th-19th century predecessors on the Grand Tour, examining what drew them to the Bay of Naples. 

Come with us as we explore palaces, temples, the worlds of Classical statuary and mosaics, and even city streets long ago buried by history, and think about why we keep returning to this part of the world and its deep, vibrant past. 

In addition to education from our expert tutor, this tour will challenge you to examine your own worldview and perhaps lead you to make your own revelations about it.

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