Why Capri’s Fontelina is the most exclusive beach to go to in 2022!

Magically situated a few yards from the Faraglioni, in Capri, the Fontelina became the most exclusive and requested beach in Capri. Today, we will explain to you why!

Close your eyes and imagine. The waves of the Mediterranean, just a few steps away, are culling you. The water is deep blue, an intense color you have probably never seen before in your life. Limestone rocks are surrounding you, creating beautiful sculptures of any shape and dimension. Actually, you are on the limestone, almost in a fusion with nature.

Fontelina typical umbrellas
You couldn’t be closer to the ocean!

Despite the beautiful nature, you are still enjoying the privileges of civilization. You are not sitting on the bare rock, but on a real wood-and-cotton, deck-chair, that seems to come directly from the 60s. The white and blue “psychedelic” umbrellas look like they have been designed by Emilio Pucci. You are holding a glass of your favorite champagne or a decadent cup of “affogato” (coffee with ice cream). Besides you, there are a fashion icon from Paris, a designer from Milan, a TV host from Miami, and a producer from Los Angeles, exchanging each other tips about their favorite places in Italy so far.

Open your eyes. This dream exists in reality and is called Fontelina, one of the hottest beaches in the world in 2022 (and probably for many years to come).

The history of Fontelina

Fontelina (the source of linen) was already known in the Roman age as a place for macerating flax leaves. However, the story of the beach started in 1949 when  Lucia Fiorentino and Peppino Arcucci build a hut restaurant on the beach. Due to the privileged position, the homemade food, and the hidden position, the restaurant became a favorite destination for the 60s jazz set: Jacqueline Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot, Sofia Loren, and Clark Gable were amongst the aficionados.

Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot enjoying the sea in Capri

In the late 70s, the establishment was sold to the Caprese family of Gargiulo, who still manages the property hands-on. During the 80s and 90s, it became the favorite place for designers from all over the world and a safe Heaven for the LGBTQ+ community.

The beach today

With the explosion of Instagram the Fontelina has become a pilgrimage destination for influencers. Chiara Ferragni, Julia Berolzheimer, JJ Martin are some of the hot names who recently visited the beach boosting its international success.

How to blame them? Their blue umbrellas blooming like flowers between the rocks and the sea are too Instragrammable to be missed!

a skyview over the fontelina

How to be in Fontelina

Due to the enormous demands for places on the tiny and exclusive beach, being in Fontelina is difficult. This is not just about the above-average price (36 euros per person only to enter the beach and a further 15 euros for an umbrella).

The Gargiulos made the rules clear: First, they will serve the regular customers. Second, during the high season from June to September, you will need to book three consecutive days at their restaurant (fresh and delicious seafood) to be admitted to the beach. Third, this may not be enough. The requests are surging every year, and as of now (May the 28th) no spot is available for reservation before the 28 of July.

Book with Celeste

However, you might still have some chance. Celeste can book you a spot at the restaurant even on those off-limits dates, and we will do our best to also secure you a last-minute spot at the beachfront. We don’t guarantee miracles, but we will only charge you an extra fee if successful in getting you a spot on the most glamorous beach in Capri!

Contact our concierge services for reserving your spots on the Fontelina or on the other most exclusive beaches in Capri!