Top 5 Luxury destinations in the South of Italy

The South of Italy. Sun, crystal-blue water, ancient history, delicious food, and… Luxury. In Celeste, we have explored for you the TOP 5 luxury destinations in the South of Italy in 2022: Cilento, Ravello, Matera, Positano, and Capri!

5. Cilento

South of Amalfi Coast, just past the city of Salerno, lays the National Park of Cilento. This off-the-beaten-track region is blessed by nature. Sandy beaches, scenic hikes, crystalline water make this a perfect destination for adventurous travelers wanting to go beyond the glamour of the Amalfi coast.

The jewel on the crown of Cilento is Paestum, housing the largest Greek temples in mainland Italy and a top-notch archeological museum.

But maybe the most famous export from Cilento is the Mediterranean diet, a balanced and delicious mix of vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, olive oil, and seafood which helps to keep healthy and live longer.

Although Cilento does not offer as many luxurious resorts as Capri or Positano, you can still live a Top-Notch experience by renting a secluded villa with an infinity pool!

4. Ravello

Ravello is another perfect sightseeing town on the Amalfi coast for its distinctive terrace gardens. The gardens of Villa Cimbrone are certainly amongst the most romantic places on earth. Come to see the spectacular sunsets and to attend international music festivals.

Ravello is also the best base to visit Amalfi, one of the four Italian Sea Republics dominating the Mediterranean trade. Amalfi’s medieval wealth and splendor are still visible in the marbles of the wonderous Cathedral of Sant’Andrea. Amalfi is also famous for its paper-making factories, which produce fine handmade paper. 

Ravello is also an excellent base for hiking: our favorite trails are the Valley of the mills and the lemon path.

Don’t miss the nearby villages of Cetara (a foodies heaven out of the beaten track), and Tramonti (also called the Pompeii of wine due to its secular vineyards).

3. Matera

Matera fame surged this year after that it was chosen as a destination of the classiest spy in the cinema: James Bond. This Southern Jewel established its place amongst the top luxury destinations after the filming of “007: No Time to Die”.

Matera, settled in the 10th century BC, might be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. This Southern Italian jewel is certainly not shy when it comes to showing its millenarian heritage. From prehistoric necropolis to Medieval cathedrals, from rupestrian Byzantine churches to Contemporary art exhibitions, Matera exudes history and traditions.

2. Positano

The Syrenuses, in front of Positano, are a group of tiny islands where, according to the legends, used to live the Sirens. Those mythological creatures could sing such a beautiful melody that sailors jumped off their ships to reach them. Positano still enchants visitors with its unreal charm.

The cutest among the towns of the Amalfi Coast, Positano is best known for its handmade sandals and its glamorous high-end resorts. Discover the frescoes of ancient roman villas, rejoice in the fireworks on the 15th of August, or, simply, enjoy the Dolce Vita at its very best.

positano 2 | Celeste Tours | Top 5 Luxury destinations in the South of Italy
Positano, the perfect postard village

1. Capri

Capri is our favorite spot in the world and the best luxury destination in Italy.

This gorgeous tiny island where cars are mostly prohibited, is located in the most strategic spot right in the heart of Napoli Bay. In fact, Capri has been considered as a perfect base for tailor-made excursions of the region for centuries.

Capri’s list of to-do activities is impressively long considered the small size of the island: Archeological tours, unforgettable boat trips, Michelin-starred Restaurants, glamorous beaches, luxury shopping, international concerts, events, and much, much more!

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